Refrigeration and AC

AEP Commercial is able to provide an extensive range of commercial refrigeration, commercial freezer as well as commercial air conditioning equipment and associated services. Our products are well known and industry leading global brands.

Our refrigeration and AC expertise is vast, given that we have been in the industry for many years. Including servicing, as well as maintenance, repair and installation of commercial refrigerators, commercial freezers and commercial air conditioners. We deal with all brands, so give us a call so we can chat about it.

Refrigeration and AC

We have plenty of experience working across a range of industries including cafes and restaurants, clubs, pubs, wineries, service stations, commercial kitchens, food trucks, delis, petrol stations as well as medical centres and hospitals.

AEP is a trusted expert in Sydney and surrounds when it comes to commercial equpment such as refrigerators, commercial freezers as well as commercial air conditioners. We offer unmatched customer support and that personal touch. Our after-sales service is unmatched in the industry. We are Sydney owned and operated.


We can install your refregiration and AC equipment to a high safety standard.


We can maintian your equipment with regular servicing and maintenance.


If your equipment breaks down, we can attend your premises to repair quickly.

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